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Nolan Jarvis, CFA Level 3 Candidate

Associate Banker, Citi Bank

Thank you for all your help. The whole exam went much better than last year. Thanks for keeping me focused and for all of the material you posted/reviewed. Hope you take some time off yourself, you probably worked harder on this exam than I did!



Nina Kearsey, CFA

Senior Analyst at Marine Capital Ltd

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all your encouragement, helpful emails and detailed feedback to those problem sets! Not sure how the exam went (afternoon was hard...) but all the prep with GoStudy meant that I walked in feeling ready and prepared.



Nikolas Sinnhuber, CFA

Investment Analyst, CBC Pension Fund

I really like how your notes focused on framing the knowledge to answer questions in the way they wanted to hear them. It really helped to have some structure when answering the questions, and knowing exactly what knowledge to reach for.


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