8 Useful last Minute L3 Links

There's a lot of useful content on the internet. Finding it takes forever. You don't have time right now, so we did it for you.

Here are 8 useful CFA L3 Study Links that won't waste your time. Plus we now have 17 blog posts up on our site, http://cfaexamlevel3.com/blog and we like to think all of them are designed to help you pass.

1) Exam Day Checklist - Don't forget your passport, check it against the info on your ticket, and bring a spare calculator

2) Inflation and Taxes for IPS Return Calculations - By S200Magician, the most active Analyst Forum member ever

3) 10 Minute Video on How the Morning Exam is Graded - By NYSSA

4) Every Learning Outcome Statement

5) Two Page Review of Command Words (Which will be bolded on questions on the exam)

6) Relative Importance of Each Reading - By us

7) What is M - Quick and dirty forum post on CPPI, Constant Mix, Buy & Hold

8) Pass Rates Since 1963 - Ok this one is a time waster, sorry

Your Random Multiple Choice Prep Topic: Type I and II Errors in Manager Continuation

If we think of our null hypothesis as a manager not adding any value and our alternative hypothesis as a manager adding value, then we can frame our replacement decision based on Type I and II errors. Recall that a Type I error is rejecting a true null hypothesis and a type II error is failing to reject a false null hypothesis. So in this case a Type I error is keeping a bad manager and a type II error is firing a good manager. If you remember the two hypotheses, then remember the expression true null horn. Or my personal preference: Type 1 keep a pisser.