Why we published our notes…and the gap they fill

Our goal with these notes is to help you put the grueling CFA exam process behind you as efficiently as possible. We do that by telling you what you need to know, explaining how it’s been tested before, and then giving you comprehensive yet concise notes that explain the material clearly. The idea is to work smarter, not harder.

Specifically, this guided review of the CFA® Level 3 curriculum covers all of the core concepts in detail while still managing to condense the material into under 300 pages. It includes every required equation, dozens of summary tables, and key lists, as well as draws detailed thematic links between different topic areas in order to facilitate both memorization and broader understanding of how the Level 3 subject matter has been put together.

In addition to a thorough subject review, the notes also explicitly highlight how material is likely to be tested based on past exams, practice problems, topic weightings, and hundreds of hours spent evaluating the readings.

To guide your efforts, each section begins with a brief overview of what to expect, what to focus on, what not to focus on, and how the material relates to other readings in the curriculum. Each subject area then includes more detailed pointers on how to chunk the material, what facts or ideas are most essential, how to solve common exam problems, and the common pitfalls around specific calculations.

We find these notes are most useful when used in a few ways:

  • For cramming and/or last minute overviews of the curriculum
  • As a primer or memory retention tool used before or after reading the full material
  • To learn how concepts are actually tested including common mistakes and key tricks
  • To learn about the core L3 themes and where those themes recur in different readings
  • To get common sense explanations of confusing topic areas

We all know that there are no shortcuts to learning the material and passing Level 3. But what you do over the last intense review periods make a huge difference. This close to the exam you want notes that can help focus and optimize your efforts. That’s what we’ve created...notes focused on the only thing that matters—passing the exam.

Finally it’s worth pointing out that our website (www.gostudy.io) and associated newsletter are constantly updated with in-depth analysis and discussion of more material than we can cover here. The website is also where you can access mock exams, cram sheets, equation lists, pointers, and download our mobile app for on-the-go review. There’s a lot here for free…and even more value beyond that.