Checklist of What to Bring to Prepare for CFA Exam Day

If you haven't been through the CFA exam day parade before there's a lot going on.

Big crowded exam center. Tons of nervous people. Your OWN nerves. And on and on.

So while we're still a few days out lets take care of the simple stuff. 

  • Print your exam ticket. Check that your name is spelled right. Check that your passport number is correct.
  • Check that you have your passport. And that is not expired
  • Make sure you verify your testing center. Know how you're getting there. Practice how long it takes. LEAVE super early
  • Pack your exam day bag (if you're taking one)
  • Testing center food options will be crowded so make sure you know what you're doing for lunch. 
  • When I took the exams I drove and parked nearby. This let me keep a bag in the car (not dealing with the crowded bag room, stash food/cell phone/and study material made a huge mental difference)
  • Speaking of study material, print out 2 copies of the cram guide...one to throw out before entering the testing center each time (if that's your style). 
  • Make sure you have an extra calculator and/or spare batteries
  • Have plenty of Type 2 pencils or erasable pens
  • Optional but recommended: a watch, warm clothes