Fighting Burn out

Don't Burn Out, Do Study

I don't know about you but recently I've had days where I've just felt completely burned out.

It's felt hard to impossible to get home from work only to sit down and work more.

It's felt hard to go to bed early to wake up to study before work to avoid trying to study.

It's felt easy to let go of the basics and eat junk and skip exercise because I feel overwhelmed by work.

Sound familiar?

Burn out is one of the hidden difficulties of the CFA process. Study a lot, learn a lot, do it while working a lot.

There's no simple solution here, but one thing that helps me is (1) plan days off and (2) don't take unplanned zero days.

For me at least, it's rare that I'm burned out while actually sitting down with the CFA material. What wears you down is feeling like you should be studying but then not actually studying.

Zero days compound (time is money after all), and the process is hard enough without bringing guilt and other stressful emotions into it.

So let's try this.

Pick a day you're going to do NO STUDYING.

Make it sometime before the end of the month. Plan something fun. But until then, promise yourself you're going to do 25 minutes of concerted studying everyday. 

You'll be amazed at how much progress you make. Let me know how it goes.

Burn out is normal

As you can see from this really heartfelt thread about burn out on Analystforum it is important to know that feeling burnt out is natural, maybe even inevitable at some point in your life as a CFA Candidate. 

But what matters most isn't how you are feeling. It is how you respond and what you do. Don't get dragged down.

Here are a few things worth stressing:

  1. You are not alone, so so many Candidates feel this way
  2. The pain of retaking next year is far worse than the pain of sacrificing your life at this point. 
  3. If you’ve put in the hours, you can do SO MUCH good in short periods of time, or you can throw away everything you’ve worked for already. If you’re on the margin of pass/fail (i.e. have put in the time but don’t feel confident) then this is even more true.
  4. I bet most of you are taking days off of work to study closer to exam day. MAKE THEM COUNT. Whether using a cram guide, taking mock exams, re-doing old problems, skimming notes, using notecards the more time you steal the better. Taking time off work is already a break from routine, so use that feeling of “different” to get focused.

If you can't bring yourself to do problems or to read right now, start with our free flashcards.