everyone poops and other unconventional CFA study tips

It’s a good time to take a deep breath in your studying. Just a little.

There is some time.

Especially if you've already been using it well and your studying is relatively ramped. 

Where we are now, 15 weeks out, 20 hours of CFA work is advisable. Yes, I'm telling you you should find 300 hours of additional studying between now and the exam.

If you think that’s impossible you're wrong.

Countless other Candidates prove you wrong every week. They have families. Full time jobs. Some work longer hours than you.

It's a simple fact. If you aren't at 20 your efforts are in the lower half of most successful Candidates. 

You have to make time. 

How to make time to study for the CFA exam

The good news? 20 hours can be stolen. 

I mean I even wrote an entire blog post about how, if you studied during every bathroom visit you have for the next 100 days that would give you, conservatively, an extra 34 hours of studying (or 1/10th of ‘300 hours’). 

Our free flashcards (or paid slides) make this easy to do. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.

(btw I should have titled that post "Everyone’s got to Poop" or something like that. Let me know if you have a better name though)

Unconventional Level Specific Study Tips for the CFA Exam

Now let me get real with you.

If you haven’t ramped up your studying, then you need to start adopting some smarter study TACTICS and habits. The sooner you do them, the more your shift in approach will compound.

CFA Level 1 Catch-Up Strategies

For Level 1 buy 3rd party notes. 

The value of those notes, whether ours or not, is that they cover the material in a more concise manner. That lets you shift your time from more passive reading to HAMMERING practice problems. When formulas repeat focus time on memorizing exactly how they get tested. Finally, if you don’t know your financial calculator, get to know it. Its functions can replace some formula memorization and is a relatively easy tactical edge to develop. 

Our full notes, cram guide, and equation sheet are only $119.

CFA Level 2 Catch-Up Strategies

The strategy for Level 2 is similar to that of Level 1. The primary difference lies in the fact that you have to work more on your weaknesses for L2. That's right, you can't skip really understanding financial statement analysis 

That’s because with fewer problems each is worth relatively more (there are half as many problems on L2 vs L1). That means getting 3-4 problems wrong because they’re in an area of weakness is twice as meaningful.You should also take at least a half mock exam in early April to start re-familiarizing yourself with the long passage followed by 6 questions format. 

Here's our post on knowing and drilling your CFA weaknesses. 

CFA Level 3 Study Strategies

For Level 3, your goal should be doing lots of practice problems from the old CFA exams. There is no better prep for the different format of the exam than these actual old exam problems.

Mastering this type of question is an art. Which is why our entire $799 class is about personal feedback on 16 customized problem sets. This class is your hardcore, elite training option which is why we only open it to 40 Candidates a year.

If you don't need something that heavyweight the Level 3 ultimate package is our oldest, most purchased, and most revered product. 

So basically: this is is the time to study. You have time but there are no more excuses. And if you need additional help all of our core products will cost you less than $1 a day from now until the exam. That's way less than a cup of coffee. The cram guide alone is worth that.

Hope that helps.

Oh, and if you send me better subject line suggestions that's great. Just don't send me any detailed bathroom study stories.