The Ultimate CFA ® Level 1 Study Guide

Pass the L1 Exam with 500+ pages packed to the brim with everything you need to pass the Exam

Short enough to review multiple times but long enough to facilitate deep comprehension of the material, the L1 cram guide is a perfect supplement to your efforts and a foolproof way to make sure you don’t miss any critical material. And at this price, with a money-back guarantee, it’s a zero risk proposition.

Efficient, Affordable, and Designed for Only One Thing... passing the Level 1 Exam

First we took the material and designed a complete 350 page walkthrough of the curriculum. Then we broke everything out into over 2,500 notecards. After refining this material with dozens of Candidates we then spent two months personally taking over 20 mock exams to make sure everything in the cram guide has a high probability of being tested.

Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, trusted by dozens of CFA Candidates and offered for a steal- this is a no risk proposition

The 2017 version of our CFA Level 1 exam notes is the product of over a year of work. It's a 500 page guide covering every LOS with detailed guidance about how the material has been tested in the past, all presented in one unified voice.

Coverage of the CFA material includes:

  • Every important equation
  • Dozens of summary tables
  • Key lists for quick memorization

Above all, the notes include enoughcontextto help you understand how all the pieces fit together across the ten topic areas,eighteen study sessions, and sixty readings. 

At 500 pages, a lot of the value of these notes is what you don't see.

It took a lot of effort to bridge the gap between achieving comprehensive coverage of the material and presenting only what you need to know. It took even more work to shape the material to help facilitate memorization where you need it and broader understanding where you don't.

Bottom line: Our notes will help you study smarter, and they're especially well suited for cramming and review:

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GoStudy CFA L1 package

Building the Best CFA L1 Study Notes

I don't know how other study providers wrote their notes, but I can tell you how we did it.

First, I passed the CFA exams in 18 months. It was a painful process (I've admitted before that I didn't take the most efficient route until L3, even if I did get through it as fast as one can).

After passing, I spent the next year refining the Level 3 study notes I had written for myself. GoStudy was officially born with the June 2014 exams, and we've sinced helped hundreds of Candidates pass. Following that launch, we spent the next exam cycle first building over 1,800 notecards to cover the CFA Level 1 material and then spending another three months narrowing that to 900 cards. These 900 notecards live in our mobile app which we also built during this year.

By June of 2015 we released the first version of our L1 cram guide a 40 page condensed set of notes that are perfect  for last minute prep. Since that time we've spent months back in the weeds with the CFA Level 1 material. I personally re-read the entire Curriculum multiple times, did thousands of practice problems, and took over 8 more mock exams. All together there's easily over 3,000 hours of my time that went into creating this product.

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Candidate Feedback on CFA L1 

We were not writing our study material in a vacuum. 

Throughout the entire pyearlong rocess of building the 2017 GoStudy CFA Level 1 notes we shared each chapter with active Level 1 Candidates as well as several advisors. This process of feedback let us slowly refine the notes, chapter by chapter, until what you see here.   

In the end I'm proud of what we've produced together, and it's a great bargain too.

More Materials

Accessing our notes is just the start. Everything we do is built to help our clients pass the exams.

We answer every question you have, whether in Slackvia email, or otherwise. We also constantly share everything we know about how to pass the CFA exams via our newsletter and blog postsFinally, we're constantly improving our platform by adding new features like question banks and detailed analytics. 

I hope you'll try the CFA review notes. I know they'll help you pass the Level 1 exam the first time, with less pain and confusion during your studying. And if they don't, we'll refund your purchase.